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Can Bail Bondsman Trespass?

There are many laws that regulate the actions of individuals in society and there are rules that regulate the actions of those who police or enforce laws.  For the most part, we are not a police state where law enforcement and others can do whatever it is they want simply because they are chasing someone who has broken the law. 

This is true for those that work in the bail bonds industry.  Bailbonds Vista professionals have rules and procedures that they need to follow.  Failure to follow them can have dramatic repercussions on the cases that they are sworn to bring in charges for.  This is why companies like Acme Bail Bonds need to really ensure their bondsmen and bounty hunters know the rules.

One of the first rules is where can they go in pursuit of a fugitive.  When it comes to fugitives, they can go anywhere they want but the bondsman is only allowed entrance into the stated properties listed on the bond.  So, for example, if they are in a friend’s house or a neighbor and that address is not listed on the paperwork, they can’t enter that residence without permission from the homeowner or legal owner of the property.  If they do, the bondsman or bounty hunter is in the worn and can be charged with a crime.

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If the fugitive crosses state lines the bounty hunter or bondsman can pursue them across state lines, however, the same rules apply. They still have to get permission to enter a property or have local law enforcement accompany them to the location to make the arrest.

The one thing that you need to realize is that just because you are chasing after one person, you can’t trample on the rights of others to do so.  Make sure that you know your rights and the rights of others before jumping gung-ho and making a bad situation even worse.