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4 Important Facts About Ticks

With tick season just around the corner, many Baltimore residents want more information about this pest. They know protecting themselves and their pets against ticks is important. The blood suckers carry Lyme disease and other diseases. But that is about as far as their knowledge base about ticks goes, but that can all change here and now. Here are four more important facts about ticks.

1- Ticks are Sneaky

Many people do not feel ticks on their skin. The pest is very small, after all, and while it does bite the skin, it is not hard enough to feel. Most people also do not feel it attached to the skin, which is the reason there are thousands of new Lyme disease cases diagnosed every year. Indeed, ticks are very sneaky creatures.

2- Blood Suckers

tick control services baltimore

Ticks are mini vampires who simply want to suck your blood. They must stay attached to the skin for 24- 48 hours to cause a disease such as Lyme disease. It’s important to check clothing, animals, etc. when coming in from the outside to ensure prompt tick removal.

3- Lyme Disease

Ticks carry Lyme disease. It is the biggest concern that comes after a person is bitten by a tick. This disease carries an array of symptoms with it some of which are mild; others very serious. With prompt removal of a tick, this shouldn’t be a concern.

4- Professional Tick Control

The best way to ensure ticks aren’t problematic at your home is to schedule professional tick control services baltimore. For a small fee, professionals come out and remove any ticks on your property and instill control techniques that keep them away. Pets and humans alike are both safe when professional service is a part of the day.