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After the Removal: Keeping Your Mouth Healthy After an Extraction

Booking an appointment with a dentist for a tooth extraction can make you feel nervous, anxious, and maybe even that old feeling of just being ready to get it over with. This isn’t a procedure that anyone actually looks forward to, but they know it is one that is necessary for their own oral health, or else the dentist would not be recommending the procedure.

tooth extraction aftercare port st lucie

Your dentist has likely explained to you that the procedure will be relatively simple for you, as you will be given an anesthetic to help you with any potential pain or discomfort-since your gums will be numbed, you shouldn’t feel any of these problems. All you need to do during the extraction is sit back and let the dentist work, because your work will begin when the extraction is complete.

This means you will need to be taking good care of the extraction site while it heals, or else you could be dealing with dry socket, which is an issue no one wants to have to go through.

How You Can Take Care of Your Extraction Site

Taking care of your mouth after having a tooth pulled is surprisingly very simple. As long as you don’t do any sort of sucking activity, such as drinking through a straw, you should be able to avoid dealing with dry socket. You should also keep an eye on bleeding, and use the gauze the dentist gives you to help control it.

You might experience some discomfort or a little pain at the extraction site during the week as the area heals. If your dentist prescribed you a painkiller, you can take it as directed to mitigate this. You can also use medications like Tylenol to help you here.

Feel free to use an ice pack sparingly on the area, as it can help with discomfort, as well. Gargling with saltwater a few times a day can help you keep the area clean, and by the time a week has passed, the area should be mostly healed and ready for you to go back to normal. Follow these simple tooth extraction aftercare port st lucie tips, and you should find your recovery will go just fine.